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Welcome High School Students!!
Make this year matter - make every year matter!
Jostens SENIORS ONLY Leadership Conference - Thursday, September 6th at Adventureland.    Make sure to ask me or your principal about it. 
Pause Before You Post - make sure to check this out under "Student Resources" and "info to know". 

PARADE OF SENIORS - make sure to ask me or your principal about implementing the "Parade of Seniors".

TEACHER APPRECIATION - make sure to show your appreciation for all teachers do - every day.  Want to do something really meaningful?  Ask me or your principal about how to really impact your teachers.

Life isn't about what you do or how you do what you do - it's about discovering why you do what you do!  "TIM TIM(E)" is simply to transform, inspire, motivate and encourage all those I come in contact with on a daily basis - educationally and personally making more sense out of life.  This is what I desire on a daily basis.

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